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And see you, you, you........not you!

(I'm so sorry this computer won't let me do a LJ Cut)

So I saw The Producers last night with Sarah. I brought the movie soundtrack in the car and we blared it while driving. Our seats were really good. Portal 9 row 22 seats 5 and 6. All we had to deal with was the people coming in after us and getting up to let them through.

Jason Simon (Max Bialystock) was awesome, and as he said in the middle of "Betrayed" 'Step four: raise the money! Along came Bialy. Intermission! (he sits on his jail cell bed and flips through the playbill.) He's good. He's no Nathan, but he's good.' I burst out into giggling fits at that. Betrayed is probably his best song, followed closely by King of Broadway. At least in my humble opinion. Hehe funny part before Intermission, HoldMe TouchMe is on rollerblades and MAx let' her go and she crashes and he goes, "Oh my God! You forgot to sign the check!"

Austin Owen (Leo Bloom) is a great physical actor and surpasses Matthew Broderick a bit in my books. But just by a bit. His "I Wanna Be A Producer" kicked so much ass! His scene with Frank on the rooftop owned, as did his scene with Carmen and Roger. Thank god he and Ulla were the same height.

Jesse Coleman (Franz Liebkind) he was just meh. Will Ferrel owns this character.

John West (Carmen Ghia) was amazing! He is Carmen encarnate. His hair was awesome and his body language was flamboyant to a T. His Ssssss were long and very funny, having Max and Leo looking for a leak.

Brad Nacht (Roger De Bris) was great. When he played Hitler in Springtime for Hitler (the play within the play) at act 2 of Springtime he comes and sits on the edge of the stage and breaks character, going, "Hey there. How are you? No not you, ma'm, YOU Sir! (looks down into the orchestra) You can't see this but there's a pit of extremely handsome men down there. I just want to dive right in!"

Elizabeth Pawlowski (Ulla) Beat Uma Thurman by a million! her accent was rich and funny, her costumes were scandelous, but sexy. And her voice was strong and rich. her comedic timing was spot on, as Max would say, "Smart as a whip!"

You could tell by the time Springtime for Hitler came on who had seen the movie and who hadn't. Those who had had no reaction to the women who came down the stairs wearing pretzel, sausages and beer on their head and hips.

At the end of the show the cast came out for a final boy and then sang "Goodbye!"

Thanks for coming to see our show/ Sad to tell you we've got to go/ Grab your bag and head to the door/ In case you didn't notice their ain't anymore!/ If you liked our show tell everyone but/ if you think it stinks keep your big mouth shut!/ Get Out! it's over.

Sarah and I kept repeating lines from it but our most quoted line was, "They come here. They all come here. How do they find me?" I saw the side door and tried to convince Sarah to go and see if we could get autographs but by that time we were in her car so it was too late. Oh well.
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