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Okay, hello everyone! I'm very new to this, so if I'm doing something wrong you'll have to excuse me.

BUT, I loooooooooooove (love love love) the Producers! Its the best! But coming online, I've noticed that like every other producers fangirl has a crazy obsession with Max/Leo gayness. And well, I don't know if I'm the only one, but I didn't see them as gay. Hmmm. Maybe its just me. Tell me what YOU think :)

And... I dont think I did the poll right. Hmph.

Poll #xxxx Max/Leo
Open to: all, results viewable to: all

Do you think Max and Leo are gay?

No, but its fun to write slash about it
Not at all
Well they could be
I don't know



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Haha, don't worry, I never saw Max & Leo as gay. Actually, I was quite surprised when I heard that many people thought that...!
I think the main reason people think that is because of the song "Til Him". But then again, if you look in any fandom, somebody's always slashing a character or two, so it doesn't surprise me.
your icon is pure, 100% love.
Thanks, but I can't take all of the credit for it. Someone else made the Voldemort Ate Clay Aiken. I just crossed that out and put Will Eat Sanjaya. :)
Whooo. Thanks. I'm glad I'm not alone.

Yeah, some people get pretty crazy with that stuff. In the pirates fandom there's the pairing of Jack/Dirt. Lol.
i think that the biggest thing for Max/Leo homosexuality is the song 'Til Him and the fact of how close they are. Personally, I don't think they're gay. The song is a song about how much they've changed each other's lives, not a love song. "That Face" is a love song.
exactly! lol. they're bests friends, not gay. i think its sweet :) lol
I agree. I always just saw them as really close friends. (Besides, I think Ulla and Leo are too cute together! :])
I work in the theater, and I have a couple of friendships (well, one really) like Leo and Max's. It's the sacred mentor-student relationship.
ps, cool icon!
i love those kind of relationships in the movies. its moving :) lol.
I remember a quote by Mel Brooks, who said it`s purpose that there are so many homosexual-hints (if you wanna call it that) in the movie. Actually, look at the original`s much more slashy than the new one even without "til Him"! I think it`s even more obvious in that one since Ulla remains the non-english speaking secretairy and doesn`t marry Leo (which I still think it`s a stupid way to bring her more into the plot)...
I accept the fact that many many people disagree and rather see them as close friends, but actually I`m none of them (and I'm really none of those "Oooh-gotta-slash-everything" fangirls)...
I thought the first time I heard til him (i also agree that this song causes a lot) "Ok....that`s beyond friendship" and`s nothing I would sing to my best friend... Plus i think the whole thing starts much earlier..."We can do it" f.ex. or even "Betrayed"... But it`s everyone`s own point of view. ^^ and it`s a comedy after all, so i guess a lot of that is meant to be funny, just to see it and make up your own mind about it.
I think you shouldn`t "condemn" (sorry for the word) fans, who rather see them as a closeted gay couple or even a slight hint of something that goes beyond pure friendship...
It`s everyone´S own point of view as I said before ... so, it`s ok some may disagree, but i guess you should accept people who think it is.

btw: either i`m too dumb or your poll doesn`t work ^^; *drops*
Well I am terribly sorry if you thought I was "condemning" you because thats not the case at all! It's just that when I found The Producers stuff online, all of it was (kinda disturbing) slash of Max/Leo being gay. Now I definitely can see someone supporting Max/Leo without slashing it. Completely. But if you would have read what I read... (*shudders at the thought*)...Wowsers. VERY in depth. Anyways, it seemed I couldn't find any decent fanfics, deviantarts, and ect. of the Producers without it being that gross. So, I just posted this in hopes of finding some fans that were not so ummmm... well.... for lack of a better word, detailed. Lol. That's all. I'm not condemning anyone!
well, I agree with some slash fanfictions...i`ve read a few and thought: OMG o.O
But there are cute ones as well, really ^^
I`m at DA and do Producers fanart, but i don`t thik it can be called gross since i don`t do mature content stuff or anything.... I think you can find quite a lot of good fan-stuff even though a lot of people kinda agree with that "gay"-thing, even in their works ^^

Ok, I know... It wasn't meant to be offensive or anything XD Just that it sounded like: "Everyone who thinks they're gay suck!" somehow XD I am aware that there are only a few people who would really mean something like this XD
I am sorry, if this sounded like I was , you know....all flaming you or something XD
Hi...I guess it's weird to respond to a comment that's over a year old, but if there's any chance you remember where that quote came from, I'd love to see it.

(I'm a total original movie Max/Leo shipper, and agree that it's the slashier version...honestly, how they managed to make it less gay when they redid it as a musical I will never know.)
can I just say that is the best comment i have ever read :D
And I'm sorry if it sounded like *I* was flaming *you*. Haha.
Im far too warped in the pit of fangirlism to know when something is intentional or not anymore. but i dont believe they are. i say this whilst ignoring the screaming slashfan in my head..oh how she screams.

still the fics are very cute :D