Mr. Whippel, his German cousin (ashes_to_roses) wrote in the_producers,
Mr. Whippel, his German cousin


William Ivey Long did the costume designs for The Producers. In Costume Design: Techniques of Modern Masters by Lynn Pecktal, there was an interview with him. I believe he's speaking about the designs for Lend Me a Tenor (can't quite pick up the subject before this quote).

...This play takes place in the early 1930s, and the room is Art Deco. I thought, what I should find is Moorish Deco. ... I was doing a dance piece at the City Center, and I looked up at the facade. ... The next day I came with my camera and my telephoto lens and I photographed the Moorish tiles on the Inside and outside. The pattern on the back of the cape is the courtyard from the Alhambra Palace. ... There's a line in the play that the dowager was supposed to look like a wedding cake. ...The dress appeared in Baltimore, and everyone was just screaming and yelling and laughing. I thought it was fine, and Ken changed the line to, "You look like the Chrysler Building." I had done the Chrysler Building when I was trying to do the "wedding cake." So the joke's on me.
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