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Who knows? I don't speak Yiddish!

Hello all,

I'm a huge Laniac and "The Producers" is definitely my favorite of all the many, many wonderful things he's done. The OBC's of Forum and Producers preserve my sanity on my morning commute!

I hope to see the UK tour when it hits Glasgow in November (since I'll be there at the time).

Anyway, I was just wondering - is there anybody out there who does speak Yiddish and can translate what Boris says to Max on his deathbed? It's probably something completely filthy but I'd love to know if it actually means something!

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according to the storybook, he says:

Maxella, alle Menschen muss zu machen, jeden tug a ganztenn kachen, pichin peepee kakan.

Since Yiddish is pretty much German with a weird accent, it means (as far as I understand it)

"Maxella, All humans must do cook a goose every day, (and) #1 and #2 a little" XD Weird and makes no sense and it's so wrong grammatically, but still that's what he says according to the storybook XD

But don't worry...the stuff Frnz says in German is also grammatically incorrect and makes no sense from time to time ^^
Danke sehr!

I'm almost sorry I asked now and it took me a second to work out what you meant by #1 and #2! XD

ok but ya get it now, don't ya :D I thought it sounded weird to actually write it down so I used those abbreviations XD
Got it.

Good. ;)
*lol* XD that'll do :D Gern wieder ;)